We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





"Open Minded" toy ideas for toddlers

Open Minded toys are ones that help kids use their imagination. I really want Willa to use her imagination when it comes to toys. I'm trying my best to be more thoughtful when purchasing her toys. I want them to teach her to imagine, create, practice skills, and learn. I want her to be able to entertain herself and not have the toys entertain her. This doesn't mean all her toys are "open minded" believe me I have a tablet for those desperate times and other toys that do the entertaining. However, I think it so easy to shop for those. Its the toys that do more then just be a toy are the ones I think are harder to shop for. So here is my list of open minded toys for toddlers that make great gifts! These toys will also grow with your child, which I love! 

Not in any specific order:

A classic gender neutral toy. Endless amount of imagination play and social skill building. 

Love these ones because it comes with a rack and knobs on the puzzles. Easy to grab.

Love this one because its battery free and still super cute. Let their imaginations run wild with a play kitchen.


Love these ones for inside play.  And these to keep outside and get messy. 

Not only love the look of this one, but this will create so much imagination play and math skills!

An oldie but goodie - kids can build and use their imagination endlessly.  

Perfect starter train set. 

Easy intro to start learning the alphabet and work on motor skils

So much imagination can be used when kids have animal figures to play with. They make noises and interaction with all the different animals.

Love these wooden play food and beverage set.  These are good to practice cutting. 

Battery free- this one lets your kid use their imagination and create the play. They learn skills like pouring, and pretend drinking. They have so much fun with a tea set.

No spill paint cups- these just make painting easier and cleaner.

These are perfect first legos- they inspire creative play and will keep toddlers busy for hours!

There is so much kids can do with this! Makes them use their imagination and build things, plus is a good sensory item as well!

Works on theirfine motor skills, plus they learn shapes and colors.

This encourages imagination play and social skills. This one is another great option. 

These never get old. Willa loves to watch the cars goes down the ramp over and over again. They she likes to drive the little cars on the floor. 

Every house needs a baby doll. Boy or girl - this teaches kids so much and they can use their imagination playing doctor, caring for, or just being a friend. I like this baby doll because it comes in different ethnicities and is the perfect first time baby doll. 

I love these sorting bears because you can sort colors, count, make patterns. Perfect intro to some math! 

Kids always want to do what you do. So give them their own set of tools to work along side of you and pretend play!

22.Wooden Blocks

Every kid needs a set of blocks to build and play with! 

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