We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!



Sleep Suits/ Swaddles I used for the first year

I feel like as a first time mom, scratch that. As a mom in general you are doing whatever you can to gain a couple extra zzz's. In this post I will share every sleep sack and swaddle we used for Willa as she transitioned from one to the next based on her age/developments. 

Brand you need to know about : Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals is a brand every mom needs to know about. This brand started in 1990, when the founder asked herself "Why can't we wash out kids rugs at home?" Thats when Lorena Canals came to life. 

Home Bar Project

We recently added a built in bar to this awkward little space off our dining room. Read more below to see the before photo along with linked bar products everyone needs to be the hostess with the most! 

Gift ideas for babies 0-12 months

Gift ideas for babies 0-12 months 

Gift Ideas for HIM

I'm doing things a little bit different this year. Usually I put together this cute template for you guys that feature about 10 gifts per category. This year Im going to try and give you more lifestyle gift ideas. The most requested gift guides were for him and the in laws. So I'm starting out with him. Hopefully your guy falls into one of these categories and if I left something out let me know! 

Gift ideas for the "Outdoorsman"

Gift Ideas for the "Homebody"

Gift Ideas for the "Entertainer" 

Gift ideas for the "Tech Lover"

Gift ideas for the "Golfer"

Gift ideas for the "Fitness Freak"

Gift ideas for the "Trendy Guy" 

Stocking Stuffer ideas for Him 

Week of 10/15 dinner meal plan

This Weeks Menu:
-Sweet Potato Hash with ground turkey, fried egg & avocado
-Harvest Cobb Salad
- Protein Pasta with chicken, mushrooms, & alfredo sauce
- Lemon Garlic Salmon with cous cous & asparagus
- Crockpot Pot Roast w/ veggies

* I will try and update daily with recipes once I make them


What to do if your baby is leaking through his/her diaper

I posted a instastories asking what to do if your baby is leaking through his/her diaper and got so many useful advice I thought I would post the, here! I didn’t realize how common this was. My inbox was flooded with so many responses I was thinking to myself “thank god im not the only one this has happened to” little did you know this was the third time this week this happened. Basically my laundry machine has been my best friend. So what did all of you recommend? See below for the most common responses.

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