We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





Advent calendar 2021

Our advent calendar plan:

December 1st: pjs + Christmas book
December 2nd: Disneyland day 
December 3rd: hot coco & movie night 

December 4th: “Pick a Pine Tree” book and go pick out our Christmas tree 

December 5th: paint ornaments and decorate the tree 

December 6th: photo ornament craft 

December 7th: coloring craft 

December 8th: Christmas lights drive thru

December 9th: make snow globes 

December 10th: Christmas play dough activity 

December 11th: donate toys to Santa 

December 12th: letters to Santa 

December 13th: coloring Christmas craft 

December 14th: paint nutcrackers 

December 15th: Christmas train 

December 16th: “let it snow” sensory bin 

December 17th: festive bubble bath 

December 18th: make orange garland 

december 19th: balboa light scavenger hunt 

December 20th: make a Christmas wand craft 

December 21st: Christmas music dance party 

December 22nd: festive popcorn + movie night 

December 23rd: make reindeer food (oatmeal, faux glitter snow, glitter)

December 24th: bake cookies for Santa 

december 25th: open presents & family day 

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Rainbow Vans

Who doesn't love Vans?! They're cute, comfy & you can chase your toddler in them. I've always loved the old school sneaker vibe and then paired with the rainbow checkered it just screams summer.  I got these shoes from Famous Footwear.

Day Date In Outfit Idea

Were all stuck at home right now, so date nights out are not really a thing. We've tried our best to make time for each other and by doing so we sometimes have to have a day date in (while Willa is napping). Everyday I'm trying to at least get out of sweatpants, but that doesn't always happen. It felt so nice to put on a causal dress, these super cute platform sandals from Famous Footwear, and dress up a little bit for Gregg. 

What I love about this dress is that it is still comfortable and bump friendly. These sandals by Madden Girl from Famous Footwear, are the perfect shade of nude to go with everything. They have an easy step in entry, elastic straps for flexibility, and are a cute espradrille style perfect for summer. 

Hopefully this is some inspiration for you to dress it up a little bit even if youre stuck at home. It doesnt have to be anything fancy. I love though that when that time comes fora  date night out I can still dress these sandals up with a fun summer dress or some white jeans. What has been your date outfit during quarentine (besides sweatpants)?

Keeping a semi-normal routine while quarantined

What is the one thing that makes you feel semi-normal during this quarantine? 

For me, it's the days that I get dressed and put a little bit of makeup on. Its crazy how switching out of your PJs can make you feel alive again. I got these platform sandals in the mail from Famous Footwear and could not wait to style them. They just made it feel like Spring! I paired the sandals with this cute little mini dress and I swear my day was that much better.  

I love that these sandals have a 2.25 platform, a soft lining with a cushioned moldable footbed, and go with just about anything! Plus they are on major sale so you can't beat the price!

Another thing that has been a major game changer for me is making a list of some things I want to complete. These could be simple household chores, organizing the linen closet that I never want to get it, making up an art project for Willa, etc. Making a list of some fun projects to do around the house has made my day feel a little more fulfilled. (Plus is helps to get motivated by getting ready first) 

One more thing I have really enjoyed while being quarantined is having a picnic lunch outside. I like to switch it up and either eat at our outdoor table or set up a cute little blanket and have lunch in the sunshine. Whats made it even better if getting dressed and having lunch outside! These sandals are the perfect sandal to wear outside in the sunshine! They are so comfortable soft and easy to walk around in. 

So I challenge you - Try and get dressed three times this week and see if your mood is lifted. I also say buy the shoes they also help lift any mood. ( Also, getting packages in the mail is a highlight to my day)   

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Some ideas to keep busy at home

What a weird time it is right now. Everyday feels like groundhog day, and trying to stay busy and sane at home is getting harder and harder. I got these cute new sneakers in the mail from Famous Footwear, which is making my daily walks that much more exciting. I'm going to share a few things below that are keeping me and my two year old busy during this crazy time. 

Nothing screams Spring like fresh white sneakers

I always love to update my white sneakers for Spring. Theres nothing like getting a fresh pair of sneakers to kick off the Spring weather.  These sneakers from Famous Footwear just stood out to me. The subtle white on white checkered print makes it so fun to mix prints for Spring without being so crazy.  
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