We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





"Open Minded" toy ideas for toddlers

Open Minded toys are ones that help kids use their imagination. I really want Willa to use her imagination when it comes to toys. I'm trying my best to be more thoughtful when purchasing her toys. I want them to teach her to imagine, create, practice skills, and learn. I want her to be able to entertain herself and not have the toys entertain her. This doesn't mean all her toys are "open minded" believe me I have a tablet for those desperate times and other toys that do the entertaining. However, I think it so easy to shop for those. Its the toys that do more then just be a toy are the ones I think are harder to shop for. So here is my list of open minded toys for toddlers that make great gifts! These toys will also grow with your child, which I love! 

Festive Nursery

Outdoor Hang Spot

Our outdoor space on the side of our house got a little revamp, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! 

5 Tips to get your toddler to stop throwing food

 If you're reading this that means you are also struggling with getting your toddler to stop throwing their food while eating. Well guess what you're not alone! I got SO many responses to my question "Advice on how to stop your toddler from throwing food." I'm going to share those responses along with what my game plan is. 

3 ingredient banana pancakes

These are the easiest pancakes you and your kids will love! All you need is 3 ingredients! Its a great way to make Willa eat eggs when she's not in an egg mood. 

All you need:
-1 banana
-2 eggs
-cinnamon to your liking 
-baby bullet or blender ( I use this to whip all the ingredients together 
-mini griddle (this makes the perfect kid size cakes)

This makes about 5-6 mini pancakes  (just use 1 banana and 1 egg to make a smaller batch)

Toy Closet Organization

Here a quick and easy update for the dreaded toys we all have piling up in one room in our house (or multiple haha) We have this tiny hall closet under our stairs. I thought it would be perfect for Willa's toys to be hidden away when we didn't want them out laying all over the house. Currently we have her little play area set up down stairs, so she goes into this closet and pulls out all her toys when she want to play. Eventually, the play room will be moved upstairs, but I'm waiting until she's a little bit older. 
See more photos below!

Changing Station Organization

Diaper Changing Station, probably the most used area in our house! I decided to put together a little post on how I stay organized and how everything has a home. This makes it easy not only for me (but also Gregg) If things run out and need to be stocked up/ put back we know where they go. This makes the next diaper change that much easier!

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