We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





Willas Nursery Reveal

Welcome to Willas room! It's a little girls desert boho dream room come true. It is probably my favorite room in our house. It's so calm but fun at the same time. I love the natural colors mixed in with pops of color.   

All of the amazing photos are by Stephanie Loren. 

The Big Items 

The Wallpaper

The wallpaper is the first thing I bought and was inspired by. Aimee Wilder is so talented and if you haven't checked out her wallpaper before you have to. It is all to die for. I obviously fell in love with the tan cactus print (she does the wallpaper in a ton of other colors) I wanted the wallpaper to be the focal point, but also muted if that makes sense. Thats why I went with the tan and white color. 

Shop the wallpaper HERE or HERE

The Llama Picture

One of my all time favorite artists is Rachel Brown. Ever since Gregg and I stayed at the Landsby in Solvang, I fell in love with her pieces. I have four in total, but this is the biggest piece and I own and it is just perfect in Willas room. Welcome to our home Alfredo. 

Shop it Here

The Crib

At first I was going to just get an all white crib. Then I came across this Babyletto two toned crib and fell in love. It has a modern feel and I didn't want her nursery too girly, so I felt like this was perfect for her space. 

Shop it HERE or HERE 

The Rocking Chair

I wanted a rocking chair that was comfortable and little bit wider. When I came across this rocking chair not only did it fit that criteria it was also affordable. 

Shop it HERE

The Dresser

Even though this dresser was a pain in the ass to build, I think it was well worth it. Its under $300 and even though it wasn't the matching dresser to the crib it pretty much looks like it would go. I love that it still had the two tone and modern feel. Babyletto does make a matching dresser to the crib if you're interested in that. I reason I didn't get the matching dresser is because I wanted the dresser to be a little bit bigger. 

Shop it HERE. 

Shop matching Babyletto dresser HERE or HERE

The Rug

One of my favorite finds is this rug by The Blooming Loom. They have so many awesome vintage finds and I just fell in love with the print and pops of color in this one. 

Shop Rugs HERE

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