We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!



What to do if your baby is leaking through his/her diaper

I posted a instastories asking what to do if your baby is leaking through his/her diaper and got so many useful advice I thought I would post the, here! I didn’t realize how common this was. My inbox was flooded with so many responses I was thinking to myself “thank god im not the only one this has happened to” little did you know this was the third time this week this happened. Basically my laundry machine has been my best friend. So what did all of you recommend? See below for the most common responses.

1.sizing up in your nighttime diaper 

A ton of you also recommended using the huggies nighttime diaper or the honest nighttime diaper

2. Purchase Spoosie pads 

Basically it’s an insert pad for diapers. It will help soak up more fluid so your baby doesn’t leak. Click here to read more about them.  

3. Baby sheet saver 

I feel like this will only help if your baby sleeps in one spot. Willa rolls all over so I’m not sure this will work for us. Click here to see the ones recommended to me.

4. Start to cut out dream feed 

I think this is all personal preference. Even though Willa is very hydrated obviously, I’m not personally ready to cut out the 2am feed. 

5. Just change her during the dream feed 

Just change him or her before you feed during the dream feed. Yes they will wake up a bit more, but once you start feeding them again they should doze back. 


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