We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!



Whats in my diaper bag...

I put together a list of my current diaper bag essentials. Everything is linked with actual or very similar product! 

Whats in my Bag?

Diaper Bag: 

(DM your name and email if you want to try them out! I have a code for a starter kit)

 Parasol , Seventh Generation, I also love the Costco Kirkland brand (these are on my changing station always and they're $22 for 900 wipes!)

Changing Mat:
Gathre Micro mat //  Here & Here

Diaper Creams/spray:

Hand Sanitizer:

Burp Cloths:

Sippy Cup: 
Herobility - they have such good colors
Use code Sloppyelegance20 for 20% off your purchase when you buy 3 things or more 
Willa also loves their pacifiers. 


Formula Dispenser (Used for oatmeal) 

Not in diaper bag but get so many questions about is the playmat

Other diaper bags I use:
Fawn design mini for quick trips 
Tote Savvy Insert ( I put this in my Clare V Simple Tote, but it fits in just about any bag)

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