We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





So I finally started my essential oil journey and I have Holly from Hollystic Beauty @hollysiticmagic is her insta to thank. I have been wanting to get started on essential oils for a while, but was so confused on where to start. I had so many questions like the obvious one - how do I use oils? 

Holly was so nice and helpful- she started me out with the starter kit, which included Doterra essential oils in lavender, peppermint, and lemon. She also sent me fractionated coconut oil which is an all natural carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin. I also shared some concerns- like what oil can help me with sore throat and better sleep. She sent me two samples of oils to help with both of this concerns. She is definitely my go to person for all of my oil needs. 

Diffusing oils is probably the easiest way to use oils. In my diffuser which you can purchase here, I fill it up with water, add 2-3 drop of whatever oil I want to diffuse and then It just runs making the air smell amazing! 

Some ways I have used my oils: 


- Put 1-2 drop on my pillow before sleeping
-Apply with some bath salts to create a relaxing bath
- Apply to chap lips before using chap stick 
- Add to my lotion to create a stress relieving hand massage 
- I've also used this on a sunburn to help sooth my skin 


- Add 1 drop to water
- Diffuse to neutralized any odor in the room 
- Add 1 drop to honey to help with sore throat 
- Also helps with mood elevation 


- Rub on stomach to help with an upset stomach 
- Diffuse to help open sinuses and airways
- Apply with lavender on sore muscles 
- Add to cold compress to cool off if overheating 

Another girl who has helped me by creating a custom blend for me was Coco Lavish @coco_lavish on insta. I told her my concerns and she created me a beautiful essential oil blend- along with directions on use. She also creates her own natural deodorant that is amazing!! 

Check out both of these girls amazing feeds - and if you have any essential oil questions ask them! They are so helpful and nice and can get you started with anything you might have concerns about! 

I am excited to continue my essential oil journey and stay tuned as I build my collection and find out new ways to use the oils! 


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