We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!





DIY Christmas Tree Outfit

As requested via Pinterest for a how to on making this costume// please bare with me on my directions. I made this costume last year and did not take any photos of the process so I will do my best in explaining. Please reference this how to because this costume is very similar to the loofah halloween costume. 

What you need:

Elastic | like this ( I got black) 

Tulle | purchase at your local fabric store  
about 30 yards needed ) depending on how fluffy you want it

Strapless mini dress | like this

Brown Tights | like this

Mini Ornaments | like this

Tree Topper | like this


Pipe Cleaners | like this

Brown Boots 

Step 1: How to make the elastic bands

 - Measure your bust, waist & hips
 -  Similar to making the famous Loofah Halloween costume please reference this website to a more in depth how to
** the only difference is were adding a third elastic band on the hips

Tie each elastic band in a knot (make sure the top one fits above your bust// the middle on your waist// and the third on your hips 

Step 2: Adding the Tulle 

** Each band needs different length tulle so it gives you a "tree effect" So the costume will gradually get fuller towards the bottom ( you want a layered effect) 

- Cut the tulle into strips ( the bust elastic band the shortest || Middle elastic band a little longer || the Hip elastic band the longest) 

- You can either tie the tulle directly in a knot on the bands or attach with safety pins (we just tied directly to band) ** Make sure to fluff you tulle! 

Tip: The more tulle used on each band the fluffier you will be (you want to be a full tree) 

Step 3: Decorating!

- Buy mini ornaments and start adding to the tulle ( we used pipe cleaners to keep them on)  
** Tip: Have your friend decorate you once you have it on!   

Step 4: Make the head band tree topper 
- Purchase a headband
- Grab a tree topper (the one listed above is great because its lightweight)
- Use the pipe cleaner > wrap it around the headband > Use a little glue and add the other end of the pipe cleaner up with tree topper opening 

Good luck with your costume making. Get your girlfriends, grab some wine, its a fun holiday craft night!

Please leave any questions you have... I tried to explain the best I could but might of left out some details. Thank you!  

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