June 4, 2015

ocean cleansing milk + sea serum

Osea Malibu is an organic, vegan, & gluten free skin care line that I recently became obsessed with. OSEA stands for ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere. I just love what this companies commitment is, they don't do anything that will pollute or harm our planet because that is where they get all there most effective ingredients. 

The Ocean Milk Cleansing Milk is a powerful moisturizing cleanser, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. Loaded with nature’s best skin soothers like Water Lily extract, this super gentle creamy cleanser calms redness and inflammation on contact. DPHP and organic algae increase elasticity, boost collagen production and ensure long-lasting hydration. Leaves skin looking and feeling rejuvenated with a soft glow. Fragrance-free and pH balanced.

How to use: 
Use Daily. Apply to damp skin in gentle, circular motions to remove dirt, oil and makeup. Rinse and follow with serum and moisturizer.

**This is my secret weapon. It makes my skin feel so clean and soft. I use it before I go to bed and in the morning when I wake up. 

The Vitamin Sea Serum is A Potent Anti-Aging Serum to Restore Moisture and Deliver a Youthful Glow. This easily absorbed, potent serum contains an anti-aging blend of seven organic seaweed extracts in a hydrating Hyaluronic Acid base. Packed with powerful antioxidants including Ferulic Acid, Turmeric, and Walnut Seed and Green Tea extracts, this serum will plump up moisture-depleted skin and restore a youthful glow. 

How to use:
Twice daily, smooth over skin to deliver an instant anti-oxidant boost. Follow with moisturizer.

*I personally love to put this on when I sleep and before I put my makeup on in the morning. 

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