We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!



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Hot Rollers

I get asked all the time on how I style my hair and create the messy beach waves. Its hard for me to answer that because I'm sorta a product and tool whore. I use so many different products depending on what mood I'm in / what texture I want / or what smell I want. So here I'm sharing one of my new favorite gadgets - the T3 hot rollers. 

Step 1: Blow dry hair (I'm not the best at this I literally look like I got electrocuted or as my husband likes to call me a Q-Tip. So theres no special way to blow dry - just make sure its dry. 
* I usually put in a dime size of Biosilk Therapy in my damp hair before I blow dry 

Step 2: Once dried start to put in the rollers. Start with the front of your hair where you part is and work the way back. I use the larger size on the top of head + smaller sized rollers on the side. Leave on for about 15 mins. This is the perfect time to start your makeup! Let the rollers heat up again and finish the rest of your hair.
* I have thick hair so I had to do my whole head in 2 steps. 

Step 3: I use my curling rod to touch up and make a few pieces a little more tight or beachy. 

Step 4: Spray some hairspray + spray a sea salt spray. 
* This R+Co is one of my favs or I also like the Suave hairspray from target. 
*Favorite sea salt spray by herbivore. 

And voila you're done! 

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