We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!

#SEHOME Series : Planters

Even though fashion and style is probably my number one interest, I also have a love for interior decor. I plan on sharing some home ideas, inspiration, how to get a look, deals and so much more! 

Todays post is all about interior planters. As many of you know I have an obsession with greenery. I think it takes me back to when I worked at Anthropologie- you know how you walk in and it always feels so homey. It's all about the plants and the smell- you know the smell I'm talking about! I wanted to share some of my favorite planters that make your house feel extra homey. 

1. Mid Century Peg Leg Planters - Currently on sale $135-$179 

2. Sedona Baskets- Love love love these!! Always a basket fan when it comes to putting my plants in them. And these just make me smile. ($98-119 for the larger size photoed) Also come in smaller sizes for table top plants and hanging version pretty amazing!

3. Gold!! I am obsessed with both of these planters and guess what the top photo is $16 and the botton with the stand is $18 - what a steal!! 

4. Reed Basket Planter has that extra homey feeling. Only $69 

5. Geometric + White need I say more?!? This guy is only $90

Also here is an Indoor Plant guide so you know what to fill those planters with! 

Shop all the planters listed above here + a few more:

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