We're having a baby!

We're having a baby!
We're having a baby!

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30 day drink more water challenge

Day One is for real starting tomorrow. I gotta drink 80oz of water for 30 days. We are also cutting out all soda and sugary drinks. And limiting our alcohol intake to weekends only (as long as we meet our daily quota) haha. 

Tonight I made strawberry, basil + lime infused water. 

Some other infused water ideas that I will be making over the next 30 days are:
Raspberry + Mint
Blueberry + Lime 
Orange + Kiwi 
Lemon + Cucumber 
Strawberry + Orange + Basil 
Pineapple + Lemon + Mint
Strawberry + Pomegranate 
& many more so stay tuned 

Let me know if you join in!

Cheers to drinking more water! 


  1. It helps me to have 32 ounces of water at my bedside to drink when I wake up. My goal is always to finish it before I'm done getting ready in the morning. Your infused water looks delicious, will definitely be trying it out!

  2. I should do this with you and we can compare outcomes... starting now!

  3. Absolutely great tips , cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!!!



  4. This is so important! I love the idea of fruit infused water. Great tips, thanks for sharing:)



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